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The Mac is Not a Typewriter

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 12:59 am
by kayin
Hi, I know odd subject title. so why?
That is a title of a book written by Robin Williams (the graphic designer, not the comedian).

A CALL for all designers, graphic artists, type-designers for you assistance! create a single-source pdf-like booklet for all the steps, scripts, how to's to make a Linux OS work for professionals in the graphic arts, etc -as well as a Mac.

- Amazon bookreviews to this title is: ... merReviews
However, simply enter the title into will find it, maybe safer.
The book is two decades old, and people working in graphic design and doing copy work, consider this the Strunk's Elements of Style for least Macintosh.

My Issue and what I would be delighted to do, if I can get help from the community is:
Linux is great, but the typefaces (font) names are wonky. I understand licensing and copyright issues, only about 90% of the Font names have no connection to classic and long established typographic type used in the profession.

Another issue, I never know what or which typeface (font) has all the full functionality as Macs have for designers. I have yet to find one so far.
after 7 years of tolerating this I can stand it no longer.

Rant: I plan to find my old typeface disks and CD's and import quality,known --licensed-- typefaces into my Linux machines.
-I may just delete the included Linux installed typefaces...OK, OK, Fonts. or if i can , maybe figure how to rename Linux fonts to something i understand.
End Rant

SO, if anyone is willing to help out. provide links, or scripts, or insight, or how to find or script something in the terminal.Anyone also interested in making Linux more like a professional design and layout machine. Please contact me.
I will be delighted to compile a booklet that goes through all the issues and change a Linux machine to work as such.
I will delighted to make it into a course) and post here and elsewhere and encourage others to do the same.
I will as it goes, post and share, show progress and get feedback, make changes as the project continues
Once something reasonably complete arrives put out into the Linux world as a completed book...(hey maybe a paperback where all sales go directly to the Linux distor creators to continue funding this wonderful thing

SERIOUSLY? Someone must have already done this, right?

Bottom Line: I have used various flavours of Linux for over 7 years now. I am a visual-graphic, type of person. The greatest resistance of Linux-Evangelizing with my colleagues and friends is they have no time or patience to make all the changes required. I, myself am not there. All serious work i still use a Mac, several with different OS's

In my mind: if I could find a single source in one place that provides ALL the tools and steps to make a Linux OS work as graphic artists need. !!
- I would be doing a "Happy-Dance" for weeks.
Long entry I know. Please if anyone can help out. Please PM me, or add to this thread.

Re: The Mac is Not a Typewriter

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 1:02 am
by kayin
A follow up thought,
I will make up a document that details all the items I would like to see in such a booklet or reference. I hope Those interested will alsolet me know what you would like to see. Then somehow find a place to post the document as a Project plan to complete.

I have never tried doing anything like collaborating with a community. So this will be an adventure for me.

SERIOUSLY, This has been done already???