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With our triumphant return, We present Episode 77

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:19 pm
by JamesAC
We chat about the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy
0:09:26 Clem gave a quick interview to the blog “My Linux Rig” where he details his desktop setup. Although it is short, it gives nice insight into how Clem approaches his personal computing. ... linux-mint
0:14:10 30 Days with Linux Mint.
0:16:09 Swiss Proprietary group doesn’t want court system to go open source. ... windows-7/ ... 17728.html
0:26:24 The Desktop Summit is taking place this week (8/6 – 8/12) in Berlin. ... &px=OTczOA

Quick hits
0:27:07 Mandriva to start shipping Adobe Flash by default on all products. ... ash_Player
0:27:25 LO HIts 3.4.2 and is Enterprise ready ... 15720.html
0:27:44 PC-BSD & FreeBSD 9.0 hits the beta. ... 9-0-beta1/
0:27:58 Dolphin 2.0 released ... hin-20.html
0:28:16 OpenBox 3.5 Window Manager released ... &px=OTczNw
0:28:16 Humble Indie Bundle 3 now includes a 6th game (steel storm) AND if you pay more than the average price (presently $5.31) you get the 5 games from the Humble Indie Bundle 2 offering.

Main Topic

0:30:00 Linux Mint Filesystem ... tandard-30

Website of the Week

File system Hierarchy Standard
Linux Standard Base

Tip of the Week

This week’s tip comes from the latest issue of Linux Format magazine. When we reviewed Linux Mint 11, I complained about the new overlay scrollbars that Mint inherited from Ubuntu 11.04. Well, in his review of Mint 11, Shashank Sharma provides the command that will switch you back to old skool classic scrollbars:sudo apt-get remove overlay-scrollbar liboverlay-scrollbar-0.1-0 (then logout or reboot)


The Nottingham LUG is holding a talk by Richard Stallman August 24th in Nottingham, UK