[SOLVED] Can't start 201012 64 bit live dvd

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[SOLVED] Can't start 201012 64 bit live dvd

Post by faffmeister » Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:48 pm

Edit: For solution see post from 2nd Jan 2011.


I too am unable to start a live session from a 64bit 201012 LMDE DVD.

This on a new Toshiba L500 Intel i5 laptop with 4G RAM and Ati Radeon graphics.

I checked the md5sum before I burned it using k3b.
I put the dvd in, get the grey LM10 "Starting in x seconds" screen, let it timeout and then just see a black screen with:


in the top left.

After about 20 seconds (haven't timed it) this changes to:

Loading isolinux: Disk error 03, AX = 4246, drive 9F
Boot failed: press any key to retry...

and that's as far as it gets.

Retrying ends up at the same place.

Pressing enter during the initial countdown and choosing "Start Linux Mint", "Start Linux Mint (compatibility mode)", "Check the integrity of the dvd", all end up in the same place too.

"Memory Test" and boot from local hard drive work OK.

I've not tried any of the suggested (in other threads on this problem) fixes yet and will post back if I get anywhere.

Shame, I was really looking forward to this as LM10 32 bit (Ubuntu based) worked out of the box on this machine but having been so impressed by Mepis for so long, I want a more up to date Debian based OS.
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Re: Can't start 201012 64 bit live dvd

Post by bushpilot » Mon Dec 27, 2010 5:51 pm

You are not the only one who is having an issue with 32 or 64 bit Debian 211012. I couldn't get it loaded either and that are numerous others with this same issue. No doubt there will be a new distro available soon.


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[SOLVED] Re: Can't start 201012 64 bit live dvd

Post by faffmeister » Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:52 pm

A little late but Happy New Year everyone.

As the re-spin of the 64 bit iso is not yet released I thought it might be useful if I describe what I did to get a working bootable version of the 64 bit DVD iso.

Several people have described putting the DVD iso onto a USB stick using either the Gnome Startup Disk Creator (a.k.a. usb-creator-gtk) or the Unetbootin program, with variable success.

I tried Unetbootin with no success but after trying "the removing the ui in front of gfxboot" trick and failing with or with out it (and getting very confused about isolinux and syslinux folders which the two different programs generate) I wondered: if I used the Gnome Startup Disk Creator on the LM10 Ubuntu based Live DVD (which did load OK) to make a bootable USB stick from the LMDE 201012 64bit iso then might that work?

For me at any rate it worked!

So here's what I did:

i) I had already made myself an LM10 32 bit Live DVD (a 64 bit would probably work just as well) which loaded onto both my Athlon dual core desktop and Toshiba L500 i5 laptop.

ii) I booted this up on the desktop machine on which I had downloaded the LMDE 201012 64bit DVD iso.

iii) Using Gparted on the Live DVD, I formatted the USB stick to FAT32 (though I think this might have worked if it had been ext2 or ext3).

iv) then I used the Startup Disk Creator on the Live DVD to make a bootable USB stick from the downloaded LMDE 201012 64bit DVD iso (as stated in my original posting I had already checked the md5sum when burning the LMDE 10 iso onto DVD using K3b).

And that worked for me!

I think someone had already posted about using the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator to make the bootable USB stick but I think the important bit is to use the Startup Disk Creator program ***from the most recent release i.e. LM10***.

I hope this helps some of you frustrated 64 bit wannabes.


I have fallen at the next hurdle which is that the Realtek RTL8191SE wifi - which works in LM10 Ubuntu based - doesn't in LMDE 201012. It turns out that the rtl819xSE driver is not included (I may get the energy to try again with the posting from whoever pointed us to the debian wifi wiki ... or I may just give in and keep the LM10 64bit ubuntu based version)


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