Cannot boot from Live CD or USB

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Cannot boot from Live CD or USB

Postby dojero » Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:03 am

This is true for both Fluxbox and LXDE editions.

I am using an ASUS fj series laptop. It has on the hard drive Xubuntu 8.04. When I try to boot the Live CD (Fluxbox or LXDE), it first says it doesn't recognize an identity of some kind, then it says it's scanning for index files. This takes a very, very long time and the hard drive on the laptop spins continuously. Then it says that it cannot find /dev/shm and that /dev/shm cannot be mounted. Then it just sits there.

When I then press CTRL-ALT-DEL, it sends the terminate signal and says to remove the CD. Then I can reboot into the hard drive system.

I am able to use other Live CD's (my Linux Mint XFCE 8 and my Puppy Linux 5.1 Lucid). Both work with no problem.

I have tried using nomodeset in the append line. I also tried using acpi=off in the append line. No effect from either of these.

Can anyone help? At this point, it means that I cannot install Fluxbox, because I can't even get to a booted system.

EDIT: I just successfully booted Mint Gnome 9 from the USB. So it's definitely something to do with the Fluxbox and LXDE versions. Please help if you can.

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Re: Cannot boot from Live CD or USB

Postby vantonior » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:27 pm

Are you using pressed or burned CDs?
If the CDs are burned, try burning them again using the lowest speed available.

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