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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by Peter4933 »

Hi Clem,
Many thanks to you and your merry band of helpers for finalizing "Felicia". I have now got it installed on both on my desktop and laptop computers. It looks and it works beautifully.
I don't know how you make the time to work on Mint. All I can think is you must have a very understanding wife!
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by ElQuia »

ElQuia: The "Other" and "System tools" categories are merged with "Administration" in mintMenu. We didn't like the way some applications seemed to be arbitrarily spread across these three categories so we merged all three of them.

OK Clem, thanks for the tip ... should have noticed before :shock:


x64 :?:

Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by ima80 »

What is the best way to upgrade Ellysa to Felicia.

I would like not to reinstall all applications.

Thank you.
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by tawan »

ima80 wrote:What is the best way to upgrade Ellysa to Felicia.

I would like not to reinstall all applications.

Thank you. :)
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by rlindsey0 »

FWIW, I tried the upgrade tool last night, but it didn't work out, possibly because of my own lack of skill or problems with my connection. Downloads froze, packages weren't found or were broken, upgrades didn't complete, and by the end X was broken. I didn't have the Linux savvy to fix the problems, so I did a clean install. I had taken the advice to backup all my documents, so I lost nothing of importance--it was just a matter of reinstalling all my stuff.

Today I'm up and running with no worries, except that I keep losing my Internet connection and my phone service. But that's been happening since Thursday, so I know it's a problem with the cable company, not Mint.

Mint 6 looks great so far!
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by Bagheera »

Congratulation first of all! it's great!
Then (exscuse me for language, i'm italian), at this time all run very well... only one problem remain for me and others i know, from rc1 at 6, and also in ubuntu 8.10 (and not in elyssa or 8.04):

the hotkey for brightness, when you use it, the gnome desktop give several bugs; lots of people have already talk about it on forums but i repeat only that rightclick menu don't works, the icon of brightness remain on the desktop, and keyboard don't write anymore.

I'm sure this isn't very important...

Good job and thanks a lot. I love this distro!! and its web world!

Dell Studio 1535, intel t8100, ati radeon hd 3450, LCD

Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by penguindan »

Well done to everybody that has been involved in this release. It's now installed on both my systems and is running happily with no problems so far.

I was happy to hear that this version and future ones will be be based directly on the current release of Ubuntu rather than the previous Mint incarnation. While I think will mean more similarity between Ubuntu and Mint which helps the Mint user community by allowing them to use Ubuntu support resources and packages with less trepidation I am also pleased to hear that this will give the team more time to work on the Mint tools as these are one thing that really set mint apart. MintUpdate is in my eye the best update manager on any Linux Distribution and I'd like to see the same effort going into the other tools. MintNanny while currently a very basic application is a great idea and with more work thrown it's way could become a brilliant tool, add subscriptions to a list of websites in there and capabilities to lock access down only to certain applications and you have a one stop shop for parental control. The only comment I'd make here is what MintBackup does is done in an only slightly more complicated but non the less more flexible way by SimpleBackup Suite. I'm ooking forward to seeing what happens in the future with these tools.

As an aside, I'd like to make a quick comment on the default look. I've seen a couple of mentions on the forums of artwork packages been released and am looking forward to seeing what goes into these but I'm massively impressed by the work of Jernau in creating a proposal for a logo and accompanying wallpapers.

While I agree with Clem in saying that there is no need to refesh the look of Mint every release it seems to me that it may be a good time to think about this as the team starts to look toward Linux Mint 7. While I personally favour Jernau's proposed logo over the current one I think there has been some fantasic work going into themes that has been overlooked by most major distributions. Shiki-Colors being my current flavour of choice. While I think the current theme and accompanying artwork are great, with the distribution having grown to the 3rd highest on distrowatch and Linux having some penetration into the lives of average home users with the birth of Netbooks it's more important than ever to have a strong identifiable brand and for the default desktop to be looking the best it can.

I would be inclined to let the user choose from a selection of possible themes using MintAssistant after install with a choice between a professional looking and fast theme that would satisy both business users and those with slower machines, a standard theme with the focus being on showing Linux Mint off to it's very best advantage and setting it apart from the other major distributions and finally a dark version of the main theme. I believe that the icon packages, grub screens and GDM screens etc should be standardised between all however it may be best to refesh these at the same time as everything else.

Back to the main point of my post though... keep up the good work!
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by kansasnoob »

jasmac wrote:Hiya, probably a silly question, but, will following the procedures for upgrade provided in the other blog will make my RC exactly the same as the full release?



Edit: Thanikyou for the answer further on. Thankyou Clem for such a great distro, without a doubt the best out there :D :D
Read down to Clem's "Note to Mint 6 RC1 users" post on December 6th, 2008 here:
How to upgrade from RC1 to stable?

Install the following package:

* gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks

Upgrade the following packages to their latest version:

* mint-artwork-gnome
* mintassistant
* mintbackup
* mintdesktop
* mintinstall
* mintmenu
* mintnanny
* mintupdate
* mintupload

This can be achieved by running the following command in a terminal:

apt update; apt install gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks mint-artwork-gnome mintassistant mintbackup mintdesktop mintinstall mintmenu mintnanny mintupdate mintupload

Eventually restart X and you’re all set.
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by wesley »

very nice clem. i love it so far :)

how long does it take to load the mintinstall for the first time when clicked refresh button?

10 mins and i'm at 8% :(
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by det4100 »

Great job Mint team!

Just installed Felicia on my daughters laptop, at her request. We have a new convert. She loves it. It works great. No problems.


Running Mint Debian
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AK Dave
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by AK Dave »

Best Mint Ever. My big laptop loves it. Once I scrapped the crap rtl8187 kernel module for Ubuntu for an old Win98 driver with ndiswrapper, my wifi was flawless with WPA. Everything works right except the mic, and that has never worked. Not even sure if the mic worked with XP.

The little laptop will experience Felicia with a usb stick tonight, but I honestly don't plan to install Felicia alongside or in replacement to Dell's wrap of Ubuntu for the Mini-9. The best feature is that everything works perfectly, and Mint can't top that. It would allow a little more freedom to tinker. I can tinker with my big laptop. It is easier to tinker with. Until Dell's tweaks make it back to mainstream Ubuntu so mainstream Ubuntu works by default just as well as Dell's tweaked version, I'll stick with what it has. Pro: the lpia kernel offers schweet battery life. Con: the lpia kernel is limited to 1gb ram. Mmmm... I like battery life.
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by subslug »

Number 6 looks as great as 5 did so far, tried the upgrade path to 6 but that tool mangled my system beyond recognition. Note to anyone else who tries it, make sure you have a good back up before you try it.
I ended up with a KDE desktop for some reason and only then I had to edit many files to even get to a desktop.

Luckily the full fresh install went without a hiccup one, amazing how simple it is going from one version to the next using Mintbackup and hardly even needing more than a dozen mouse clicks!!

Awesome work.

Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by davidfoley »

Hi Linux Mint Team,
Great work!! Six is much improved.. Mobile Broadband and Dual Monitors work! Two things I miss though:

1. The old logout/power off screen. The screen where you are presented with the quit options such as 'restart', 'suspend', 'shut down', etc.
2. The emblems in the home folder. You can still apply them, but the selection that was in 5 is gone.

Otherwise a really nice distro. It has enabled me to get away from Windows forever :)
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by zeip »

All i can say: WOW! FANTASTIC!

Thanks a lot to Clem and all the others who made MINT 6 so easy, fast and good looking!


Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by Detrix »

Thanks for a great job :D .
But there is some things i must say...
In some progs, like openoffice and wine for example is the text missing.
maybe an update is comming to correct this.
Worked fine in LM 5.

Keep up the good work.
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Rob Brill
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by Rob Brill »


Great Job!

Thanks Clem - (Mr) Husse - Exploder, - and all the Linux Mint Team :D

Waiting now for Kde Ce :)

Roberto :)
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by machapungo »


I'm new to Mint as of a few days ago after having played with Ubuntu for a short period..
As a total Linux newbie I am very happy with Mint.
I just wanted to give a little feedback of appreciation for all that the Mint team does.

Ed @ North Carolina, USA
Steve Payne
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by Steve Payne »

Is there a way to force the versions of ndisgtk and the ndiswrapper utilities that were used in Elyssa into Felicia without breaking anything? The reason I'm asking is that in Elyssa (and Ubuntu 8.04), my wireless worked perfectly after I installed the .inf file, selected the correct ssid, tkip, and network password. Always worked without a glitch. However, the newer ndisgtk and ndiswrapper versions in Felicia (and Ubuntu 8.10) don't work the same and I'm left with an extremely slow connection (at best) or no connection whatsoever (at worst). :cry:

I'd really like to upgrade to Felicia but I certainly need connectivity. All help/tips would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by psych1610 »

In case anyones curious, since Felicia has been officially released:

I've distributed 180 copies of the Universal Edition ISO through torrents and 252 copies of the Main Edition ISO.

This torrent has been seeding constantly since I downloaded it in the first few hours after it came out.

About 384 GB total.

If the success of a distribution can be judged from the amount of times it is downloaded it can be seen that Mint is doing well for itself. This of course doesn't take into account the http: downloads and the amount of complete ISOs distributed by other seeders.

Straight up awesome.
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Re: Linux Mint 6 "Felicia" released!

Post by deki999 »

3d effects are not working after instalation of restricted drivers.
I do not want to dig in xorg.conf.

Last version (5) and 6RC1 worked with that.
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