Photobucket images removed from posts and user profiles

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Photobucket images removed from posts and user profiles

Post by xenopeek » Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:52 am

Photobucket updated its terms of service last month and now requires users to pay for a premium subscription to be allowed to link to their images from another website, or the below advertisement is shown instead of the linked images. On the Linux Mint forums this affected a few thousand posts and just over a hundred user profiles.

As advertisements are not permitted on the Linux Mint forums all image links to Photobucket have been removed from posts and user profiles. Distinguishing between image links that show the advertisement and image links that show the original image couldn't easily be done and as such all have been removed. Until such time as Photobucket changes its policy, say to instead of displaying the advertisement just not displaying any image if the user isn't allowed to link, you should assume image links to Photobucket will be removed from the Linux Mint forums.


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