Linux Mint 8 "Helena" KDE released!

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Re: Linux Mint 8 "Helena" KDE released!

Postby langi » Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:13 am

Brilliant and awesome!

Have installed on Asus EeePc901Go and on 2 desktop computers (AMD II XII, Geforce 6200 // Sempron 1,6 GhZ ATI Radeon Hd 2400) and I'm impressed by the release quality. Congratulations for the really smart choice of software (preferance of Gtk-software, when appropriate: i.e. Gnome network applet instead of buggy knetworkmanager, Firefox, Thunderbird, minitube .... wich I - as a long term linux user - have not even known).

This is - by far - the best KDE distro I have seen by now (compared to Gentoo, Sidux, OpenSuse and (K)ubuntu).

The only problem I had during installation was with ATI Radeon HD 2400 (black screen, manual editing of xorg.conf and turning off power management was nececary during installation). Maybe a text based installation method (like the alternate editions of (K)ubuntu) would be a good choice).

Keep up the good work and think about turning the Comunity edition into a officially supported distribution.

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