Linux Mint 9 "Isadora" RC released!

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Re: Linux Mint 9 "Isadora" RC released!

Post by beefstu »

Cariboo, take a look here think that may be the reason

I'm also sorry to inform you that Husse unfortunately passed away earlier this year, a very big blow to the community.
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Re: Linux Mint 9 "Isadora" RC released!

Post by rfruth »

wow just installed the 64 bit ver of 9 (torrent) and all is well, songbird is even in the default repos) tnx you !
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Re: Linux Mint 9 "Isadora" RC released!

Post by MintyFree »

rfruth wrote:wow just installed the 64 bit ver of 9 (torrent) and all is well, songbird is even in the default repos) tnx you !
Songbird has always been in the mint repos actually, this distro has the best collection of applications of all the OSs in my opinion.
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Re: Linux Mint 9 "Isadora" RC released!

Post by celem »

kmb42vt wrote:
michael.conner wrote:... for external drives or thumb drives ... unmount has been replaced by either "Safely remove drive" or "eject"...
I have noticed that if I use "Safely remove drive" I can no longer insert an SD card and have it auto-mount. Only Eject allows me to continue to remove and reinsert an SD card and still have auto-mount. I see no good use, for me at least, for the "Safely remove drive", given this behavior.
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Re: Linux Mint 9 "Isadora" RC released!

Post by mfreeman »

vincent wrote:
Deusdies wrote:The only problem I have is with the indicator-applet. Weird, next to all those icons there's about 50px of free space in the applet, occupying the bottom gnome-panel, but I can't shorten it. I'm sure it's just some bug.

Also, how do I install LXDE and KDE on my gnome version of Mint 9?

The indicator applet "bug" has been inherited from Ubuntu. It seems that they've now packaged a lot of the applet icons into a single applet and put some spaces between them. There's also talk of Ubuntu annihilating Gnome's system tray within a few releases. I unfortunately have no clue how to get rid of the ugly spaces between the applet icons...
Someone posted a patched version of the Indicator Applet in a bug report about the icon spacing, and it was put into a PPA. If interested, add this to your Software Sources: ppa:m0sia

From there you just upgrade the indicator applet in Synaptic, Update Manager, APT, or wherever.

This works in Julia/Maverick as well. As always, use unknown/untrusted software sources at your own risk. I can tell you that it works on my computer. It's not perfect, as it's still not as tightly packed together as the Notification Area icons, but it does reduce the spacing between the icons in the Indicator Applet by quite a lot.
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