Do you use Beagle search?

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Do you use Beagle search?

Poll ended at Fri Aug 31, 2007 6:34 am

Not sure what it is
Once in a blue moon
Total votes: 122

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Do you use Beagle search?

Post by clem »


I would like to know if people actually use Beagle (the integrated desktop search). Because beagle is resource-hungry and actually makes Linux Mint incompatible with a lot of low-memory/older computer specs, I am thinking of removing it.

Please use the poll to answer.

Thank you,
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Post by kanishka »

I vote NO because, as you said, it's resource hungry, and for me it's not worth that hassle.
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Post by scorp123 »

I voted 'No'. It's too resource hungry for my taste and it intrudes too far into my privacy. :wink:
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Post by _coolsson_ »

I voted "YES" because I use it sometimes. I do not like it very much and have no problem with removing it.
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Post by maty1206 »

I vote NO, because I use catfish on XFCE, it is really fast and clear
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Post by mastin »

NO, because i know where i have my things. :P :P

PD: Sorry about my English.

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Post by ceti »

Never did & never will.

Sorry, but that's the way it is.
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Post by dgittler »

I never use desktop searches in Linux, and only tried them briefly on my main box, which was XP and is now Vista. As for all my MS Word documents and Excel spreadsheets I've never used MS's search features because I know where my documents are and what is in them.

I tried but got rid of Google Desktop search because it was repetitive and I had privacy concerns.

The only thing I ever search of mine is email and for that I use the search feature in MS Outlook. Even then I rarely use it - maybe once a month at most.

The only search I use is the Google website for searches of the web. I need to find other people's stuff; I know where my stuff is. Every time I hear about the wonderful integrated search in anything I think, "Who are these fools that can't find their things, and why do we let them use computers?"

Get rid of Beagle; make it an optional .mint install (either from online or maybe a menu option that activates an install script.)
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Post by NiksaVel »

not only is it resource hungry - it makes my laptop melt from heat cuz it keeps it at 100% proc all the time while indexing..... hence it is the first thing to remove from my system after install... :)
Windows is extremely fast after a fresh install. If you want to make it stay that way: - don't use it.
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Post by antiquexray »

I voted no as well. Tried to use it, but, thanks to Scorp123 and others, found an better way.
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Post by JohnH »

Hi there,

I voted 'no".

I would support Elven is getting MC on board. In Windows, I have registered version of Total Commander (TC) and have used it for YEARS. It is fantastic. MC is the closest Gnome equivalent with search options just like TC. Krusader looks good too for KDE.

My $0.02 worth.

EDIT: By coincidence, I just found this link on Distrowatch: ... in-action/

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Post by kenetics »

MC is the closest Gnome equivalent with search options just like TC.
It's in the synaptic repos. Based on Peter Norton's Norton Commander, a must during the DOS years.
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Post by newW2 »

I voted no as well. I don't care for indexing in any OS. Memory and privacy, and resource hogs all.
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Rob Loach
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Post by Rob Loach »

Once you get use to using it, Beagle is very powerful. Also, a number of applications are coming together and adding support for Beagle. This means that you could do a desktop search for "Michael", and get results including emails from Michael, files on your computer saved/edited by Michael, internet history results containing Michael in the title, etc.

It truly is a very powerful service, and I truly think the more it's included in the desktop, the more they'll come to use it.
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Post by laofzu »

I use it rarely, and don't need it as I know where I keep all my files. When I first install any distro, the first thing I do is remove all the unnecessary clutter from the taskbar. If I want something there, I will add it myself.
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Post by Wh1sper »

especially Laptop user should not use desktop search services because while indexing the laptop is hot or say the battery does not like it :)
Ups, just discovered that this does not count because default is not to indexing while battery power. There seems someone had already thought of this!

I would suggest while Install or in Live mode ask the user if beagle should be installed and started.
or ask for some setups i.e. laptop,desktop,game station, ...
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Post by rogras »

voted "NO" because it is very resource hungry.

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Post by nelamvr6 »

I think that removing it from the next version is a pretty good idea, if anyone wants it they can always install it later.
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Post by starkey »

I voted "No", I use Tracker
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Post by 67GTA »

I use Copernicus desktop search for XP because it sticks stuff everywhere. I never use the search in Linux because I already know where everything is.

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