Linux Mint Debian (201009) released!

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Re: Linux Mint Debian (201009) released!

Postby craig10x » Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:26 am

Mint is still based on is only the LMDE version that isn't...and Clem and the gang would only even consider moving away from the ubuntu base completely IF the direct debian version can be made to be AS GREAT as the ubuntu based version (based on what i read in his various comments) and that is a pretty tall order...i hope he can pull that off...but we will have to see...otherwise, i wouldn't like to see them moving away from offering ubuntu based editions...

As much as some complain about is still one of the most relatively trouble free and very polished versions of Linux you will find out there...I just happen to like what Clem does to Ubuntu and Mint and that is why i prefer to use his's really the way ubuntu should be...but it certainly doesn't BOTHER ME that it's ubuntu's the final presentation in Mint that makes ubuntu perfect to me... :wink:

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Re: Linux Mint Debian (201009) released!

Postby Nick_Djinn » Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:59 am

I dont think the Debian edition is meant to be as good for most users as the main edition is initially.....I mean, we should probably let him speak for himself, but the rationale seems to be that he.....

1. Wants to prove that they are real developers, and not just doing a cosmetic job on Ubuntu.
2. Wants to prepare an alternative base in case Ubuntu goes in a direction they dont like.....which is entirely possible. Ubuntu could feasibly go in a direction that could alienate a portion of their user base, perhaps violating privacy or going far so good, knock on wood, but its good to have an insurance plan. The Debian edition wont be as polished for a while, but if a transition needs to be made, they wont be starting completely from square one.
3. Debian is faster....I dont know if its faster than just using one of the light weight distros they already have, but its an option for advanced users and those who want to use it for servers.

I think that if Mint keeps their Debian based distro focused on the end user experience, they could potentially make a better distro than Ubuntu which sometimes sacrifices end user speed and functionality for things most end users dont need.......Its not like I really understand the full implications of what I am saying since I am not a developer, but this is my guess based on what I have heard. A distro that is based almost entirely on the end user experience from start to finish, with Mint polish and taste, could become a better distro than Ubuntu.

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Re: Linux Mint Debian (201009) released!

Postby melicharpvy » Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:14 am

For dumbos' like myself, there is a need for notes on what to fill in on installing. I was stumped in my techie ignorance with having to enter configuration. Whatever I put in, something to do with "root", "home" and other things, it just did not work and this twollop had to abandon it and re-install Mint 9 64 bit as previously used.

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Re: Linux Mint Debian (201009) released!

Postby riki » Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:46 am

riki wrote:
Carl wrote:I have to say I totally agree with everyone else it's a fantastic step forward for Mint :D I finally got around to really trying out LMDE last night and I've now completely switched it even convinced me to finally delete my windows 7 partition and with the speed boost that the Liquorix kernel adds (my laptop boots in under 15 seconds :shock: ) I think I will be enjoying LMDE for some time to come :wink:

Wow, 15 seconds???!!! What's your spec? My new desktop boots in just over 30 seconds and I thought I was doing well... :mrgreen:


I asked you a question and you don't bother to reply? :(


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