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Post by clem »

Check the mintUpdate logs:

cd /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintUpdate/logs
ls -lrt

and look at the last file in the list. It's probably a problem with your sources.list.


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Post by Lolo Uila »

merlwiz79 wrote:
thenixedreport wrote:I have a question. I have looked and looked, yet I can't find a way to increase the number of virtual desktops that I have. The reason I want four instead of two is simple: I want to be able to use the 3D Cube properly. What do I mean?

With Compiz-Fusion, when I hit Ctrl+Alt and click and hold the left mouse button, I am able to move the two desktops around, but it looks more like flipping a piece of paper over than the 3D Cube that I'm used to. Any suggestions?
Open the CompizConfig Settings Manager and click on General.
Next click on Desktop Size and change these 2 settings:
Horizontal Virtual Size and Number of Desktops to 4.
Actually, only Horizontal Virtual Size needs to be changed.

EDIT: and in Daryna the CompizConfig Settings Manager is found under Preferences - Advanced Desktop Effects.

Aloha, Tim
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Post by rps63ifid »

Lolo Uila wrote:The nameservers for have had problems lately.

Is it working for you now?

Aloha, Tim
Yes, as of this morning, I was finally able to update. Wierd...


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Post by rootkowski »

Hi there!

I'm waiting impatiently for the stable release and running the beta on daily now. I can say it is rather stable, but I have a few things to add to the list ;-)

After updating MintUpdate yesterday the settings (pretty much all of them) were reset to the default. Now it's a bit tricky having to browse to the icons again etc. Of course the other settings are not as time consuming to set again anyway it would be nice not to have to do it every time the app is updated (upgraded).

Another thing doesn't have much with Mint itself to do. Anyway, wine + compiz fusion = disaster. The system freezes really badly if i forget to switch off the visual effects and run some wine app.

On my machine compiz starts automaticaly and sometimes I need to disable it. Then enabling it again gives the cpu some hard times. It keeps around 100% and sometimes it won't go down until I actually reboot (log out/in doesn't help). But as I said I suspect it's rather compiz not mint.

I'll keep reporting if anything should come up


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Post by thk »

Husse wrote:mintMenu can under some circumstances be very hungry for resources and is being rewritten, the new version is not ready in time for Daryna, but will be there in the next Mint (hope I remember correctly)
I've just read the thread and thought I'd throw in a few support answers
@ rootkowski
All partitions are supposed to be discovered during install, of course they need to be connected.
If not you can edit /etc/fstab and add a line for the offending partition like so
/dev/sda8 /media/sda8 ext3 defaults 0 2
You also may have to add a folder in /media with the name of your partition (in this case sda8)
The thing you experienced with nautilus is probably no bug but some quirk in your system
@ Lolo Uila
EDIT: I wonder if it has to do with the size of the drive? It is a 750GB hard drive...
You bet :)
@ puba62
You try to use a low spec computer with low memory and motherboard from PCchips ... not the recipe for success
Some of you would be helped by these how tos
I can confirm very heavy usage of resources by mintMenu.
I install kde right now and the menu has become
totally unresponsive!
Right now I got a message that mintMenu has quit enexpectedly.
I am using Linux mint Daryna.
mintMenu version is : 3.0 .
Pc is amd athlon xp2600 , 512MB ram.
I don't know whether this problem occurs only when I install packages.
Generally I like the idea behind mintMenu and linux mint but I am not satisfied
with the performance at all.
I also have the bug with the quit button in the menu not working but maybe now it's fixed with reinstalling dbus-X11.

Seems to me that ubuntu 7.04 was more fast and stable than 7.10 and
cassandra more fast and stable than daryna.
Seen that many times before in linux ( doin' an upgrade and getting a worse linux (Suse 9.0 to 9.1 ,Suse 9.1 to 9.2 ..) ..)
But the whole meaning in an upgrade would be to get a better linux don't you think?
I think it's preferable to have bugs in compiz let's say -that could be understood- .
I think linux and mint more specially
should reset it's priorities and I think it is top priority to have a bug free start menu.

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Re: Post bugs in Daryna beta 021 here

Post by j_baer »

This bug is for Daryna XFCE Beta

When I close Mplayer I receive a "Gnome_screensaver_control()" error. I am running a AMD cpu & nvidia video.

Nice work on this product!


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Re: Post bugs in Daryna beta 021 here

Post by merlwiz79 »

j_baer wrote:This bug is for Daryna XFCE Beta

When I close Mplayer I receive a "Gnome_screensaver_control()" error. I am running a AMD cpu & nvidia video.

Nice work on this product!

This is a bug in mplayer.

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Re: Post bugs in Daryna beta 021 here

Post by Husse »

There is no need to post bugs in Daryna beta 021 any more. Topic locked
Don't fix it if it ain't broken, don't break it if you can't fix it


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