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Postby clem » Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:10 am

Hi Clem, a great beta release!!!

I was the one who bugged you how ugly Bea boot screen looked, you really made a ENORMOUS improvement! It now looks fantastic! Great work!

Regarding the wallpaper, it is ok, but not great, and it was the first thing my girlfriend changer after I installed Bianca to her laptop Smile Please look at suse 10.2 wallpapers if you are going with this line style.

Also please rip suse 10.2 grub graphics, because they are the best I saw in any linux distro!

There will be numerous alternative wallpapers included in the bianca-artwork package and for you to enjoy in the stable release (namely Carlos' new wallpapers for instance).

The case badge was made by Tiptup300 with help from 900i and Scorp123 I think so credit to them for the spash screen. As for artwork in general my favorite distro is Fedora :)

I have one other suggestion if you would like to think about it. Synaptics is great tool for us powerusers, but not for new users. I tested it with my girlfriend and it failed. Can you put as a default add/remove software tool the great "gnome-app-install" application ? This one is much better for novice users and girlfriends alike Smile

right click mintMenu->Preferences. Then find the command for synaptic in the System-Management plugin and replace it with gnome-app-install. Then remove mintmenu from the panel and add it again.

Also I think that deskbar is THE greatest gnome addon in recent history, I can't do half of my tasks in gnome without it, or atleast not as fast. Please think about replacing beagle widget with deskbar widget.
And also please put the beagle extension together with firefox, because beagle + firefox make a great web history search! I use it all the time; ie. "Where did I see that thing I was reading about somewhere on the web..."

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into that.

One thing I find missing is "gnome bluetooth file transfer" applicaton. There is bluetooth support builtin into Bianca but this little but crucial app is missing.

We'll have a close look at that for 3.0.

Regarding networking in Linux Mint; it works great. But there is one thing I miss in all linux distros an that is different network settings regarding my location. For example; I have two networks at work, one that is automatically set via DHCP and other (corporate one) that I set up manually. Also at home I have two networks. When I carry my laptop around it is a pain in the ass to change the settings all the time. Could there be a mintNetwork app that is based on NetworkManager Applet that is used right now but with added funcionality so you have xy predefined netork settings and just choose were are you at the moment and then it loads new network settings and resets the service.

I've seen something like that in Mandriva and SUSE. We'll definitely come with a mintNetwork tool in 3.0.

Hope you a great new Linux Mint release for us soon!!!

Can't wait to test full version of Bianca!!!

Thank you for a trully great distro!!!

Valent from Croatia.

Thank you :)

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Postby justo » Thu Feb 08, 2007 1:00 pm

I have been satisfied with Mint Bea. This new version.What advantage would there be in changing? I do not see any information that you can apply it as an update to Bea and save myself from switching out all my personal data. I have noticed the various Linux versions continue to change to a next version.I do not know why. I do not know why that one good version can not be adjusted until all the defects are gone. I would like to keep Mint Bea and maybe load the newer version on computers that I encounter in the future.Will Mint Bea become obsolete?

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