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Lost Background

Post by spirosx »

I just install Linux Mint 13 LXDE, after i update the system the backgroud is lost, i have a black screen without icons and the mouse right click is not working. The bar on the bottom and the menu are working fine. Any ideas how to fix that?
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Re: Lost Background

Post by SantaFe »

Don't think this is a Mint problem, as I'm running Xubuntu 12.10 with Xfce & LXDE on another computer, and the LXDE side has started doing the same thing.

Funny thing is, it's random. Sometimes I can go the entire session with no problems, other times I'll be doing something, like in Firefox, and the system will sort of freeze for 20-30 seconds. Mouse will move, but can't click on anything. Then it'll return to normal without background, icons, or right click menus.

Kind of an Annoyance in a way. ;)
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