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Fluxbox-1.3.4 released

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:37 pm
by vrkalak
I am one of the Debian-Maintainers for the Fluxbox package -- in our efforts to fix all package bugs, in preparation for the NEW Debian 7 Wheezy 'stable' release -- we have released a new release of the Fluxbox WM. Most all bug fixes but it makes Fluxbox more stable as a Window Manager.
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Fluxbox 1.3.4 - bend physics back to reality
Sun Feb 10 16:34:13 UTC 2013

New year, new release. Since the fluxbox-1.3.3 contained a few rather nasty bugs (some have labeled it "unlucky release" :)), here is the 100% bug free version you should use from now on. No more time holes, sorry folks.


Added 'LHalf' / 'RHalf' titlebar buttons
Added 'ClientPatternTest' command for testing clientpatterns via fluxbox-remote
Added 'he_IL' translations

Critical Bugfixes in 1.3.4:

All timer based problems are fixed now
Fixed integer overflows for some gradient textures
Fixed compile issue on MacOS

Other Bugfixes:

Correct renderinger of 'sunken' textures
Move windows without the lagging-behind-effect on slower machines
Improved color brightening in textures
Memory and other code improvements in texture rendering code
Fix build-system issues

Happy fluxboxing!
The Fluxbox Team

Re: Fluxbox-1.3.4 released

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:58 pm
by vrkalak
Another NEW and IMPROVED Fluxbox-1.3.5 seemingly over-night. :)

Fluxbox 1.3.5 - Damn logic!
Wed Feb 13 10:12:37 UTC 2013

A nasty, little bug went undiscovered into 1.3.3 and prevented the logic commands from working. So, if you happen to use any of the logic commands like 'if', 'and' or .. well .. 'or' in your keys-file: This is the release that fixes that for you.

Nothing else was added or fixed.

Sorry for the inconvinience!

The Fluxbox Team

Re: Fluxbox-1.3.4 released

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:16 pm
by Flemur