[SOLVED]Help needed with Avant window manager

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[SOLVED]Help needed with Avant window manager

Post by solar1951 »

My mother-in-law has managed to delete her taskbar on her Zorin installation and I have been trying at a distance (I'm in France she's in UK) to get it back for her as now she has no way to access the menu etc.
I understand that Zorin uses Avant Window manager so I have been searching for that but no help. I need to be able to communicate either keystokes or mouse gestures over the phone to her so that her computer becomes usable again.
Any one any ideas ?
Someone popped round to her house and sorted it !
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Hoser Rob
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Re: Help needed with Avant window manager

Post by Hoser Rob »

I'm assuming you mean panel when you say taskbar. I looked at their user forum. It looks useless, frankly.

I've never used a DE where you could delete a panel and get it back without having to create it again. I'd try right clicking on the desktop and looking for a setting for the desktop.
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