Session switching while using i3wm

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Session switching while using i3wm

Post by jeenuv »

I'm experimenting with i3. My biggest gripe now is that I can't "switch user" from my i3 session to another one, or to let another user use my machine without them accessing mine. I've been told that lightdm has dm-tool which can achieve this from within i3, but I can't find anything with mdm.

I tried installing lightdm, but that wouldn't show the boot screen, and had to revert back to mdm.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Session switching while using i3wm

Post by Termy »

All you need do here is switch over to a different TTY, that way they can log in and do their thing without disturbing your session. It's not as pretty, but it's convenient. Switching TTYs is as easy as Ctrl + Alt + F*, where * is 1-7.

Ah crap, old post. Wow, was so high up on the thread list! Oh well, maybe this'll help someone who comes across this via search engines. :roll:
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