Fluxbox just confuses me.

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Fluxbox just confuses me.

Post by grayvee »

I don't really understand it. What exactly is "slit," and the other parts of fluxbox?
What's the bar at the bottom called?
How do I change clock settings? (I've tried changing it through right click > system tools > fluxbox > fluxbox menu > toolbar, but it's still in the 24h format)
How do I edit stuff?
Is there a tutorial somewhere for total fluxbox and text editing nubs like me?

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Re: Fluxbox just confuses me.

Post by shane »

Everything you need to know is here http://fluxbox-wiki.org/index.php?title ... ish_howtos

For editing the menu, see this http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/96

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Re: Fluxbox just confuses me.

Post by shengchieh »

http://maketecheasier.com/beginners-gui ... 2010/01/19 (Beginner’s Guide to Fluxbox Configuration; 1/19/10)
http://fluxbox-wiki.org/ (fluxbox wiki)

2 more links. Enjoy!


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Re: Fluxbox just confuses me.

Post by marshag63 »


Mint Fluxbox 9
Change clock from 24 to 12 hour format:

Right Mouse Click to bring up Menu
> System Tools
> Fluxbox
> Fluxbox Menu

Last two items at bottom of Toolbar submenu are Clock and clock format.
Just left click one and it will change from 24 to 12 hour format.

Clock format is based on the linux "date" command format (date --help)

My customized key configs in ~/.fluxbox/keys file looks like this:

#Key configs added by mint-fluxbox-default-settings
Mod1 Tab :NextWindow
Mod1 Shift Tab :PrevWindow
Mod1 1 :Workspace 1
Mod1 2 :Workspace 2k
Mod1 3 :Workspace 3
Mod1 4 :Workspace 4
Mod4 space :RootMenu
Mod1 F4 :Close
Mod1 F1 :ExecCommand /usr/bin/lxterminal
Mod1 F2 :ExecCommand /usr/bin/fbrun
Mod4 e :ExecCommand /usr/bin/thunar
Mod4 Tab :ToggleCmd {ShowDesktop} {Deiconify allworkspace}
Mod4 d :ExecCommand /usr/bin/palimpsest
Mod4 w :ExecCommand /usr/bin/firefox
Control Mod1 Right :NextWorkspace
Control Mod1 Left :PrevWorkspace
Control Mod1 Delete :ExecCommand /usr/bin/ciao

This gives me these keyboard shortcuts:

Alt + Tab = Next Window
Alt + Shift + Tab = Previous Window
Alt + 1 = Workspace 1
Alt + 2 = Workspace 2
Alt + 3 = Workspace 3
Alt + 4 = Workspace 4
Windows + Space = Root Menu
Alt + F4 = Close Window
Alt + F1 = Terminal
Alt + F2 = Run Command
Windows + e = Thunar File Explorer
Windos + Tab = Toggle Show Desktop
Windows + e = Mount Drive Tool (palimpsest)
Windows + w = Web browser (firefox)
Control + Alt + Right = Next Workspace
Control + Alt + Left = Previous Workspace
Contorl + Alt + Delete = Shutdown Dialog

You can add .fluxbox folder to the Thunar Directory Menu
and add this to the keys files:

Mod4 k :ExecCommand /usr/bin/leafpad ~/.fluxbox/keys

Don't forget to reload the fluxbox config file via menu:
Bring up root menu >
> System Tools
> Reload Config

Marsha G.

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