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Re: Lightweight LXDE

Post by lmintnewb » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:35 am

Thank you nunol ... Have to admit can see the appeal of a DE vs WM at times, for people that like em. What I was babbling about with not knowing how they stack up overall. Yep ... guilty as charged too, am a resource miser and compulsive OS tweaker. So gnu/Linux in all it's wonderous variety is a dream come true. :D Cannn I get it lighter, faster, make things run smoother !!! Arghhhhh ... that new Mint lxde sounds pretty good. Seems like LM tries to have summin for everyone here. Am over my post limit and have stuff I don't want to do ... to do. Put it off as long as I can. Just wanted to respond and say I appreciate your input and observations.

Definitely get what you're saying about starting w Debian and diy, but would take me wks to crunchify it and wouldn't be worth it considering all these great opensource devs already have it on an iso. :D Am ... kinda, sorta errrr lazy. Same goes for LM no shortage of software to pick from here. Thing about DE's ... personally don't like clutter, have all the apps/etc I use most setup with a 1 key keyboard shortcut, so don't have to grab the mouse or click on icons to do x, did I mention am lazy ? Anyway ... have a good one nunol and folks.

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