UbuntuOne & MATE/Caja

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UbuntuOne & MATE/Caja

Postby ale.mlow » Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:37 am

Sorry, this is a stupid thing but, is there a way to get Caja (in MATE DE) showing the flags of UbuntuOne properly? i mean, when U1 is synchronizing some files and folders, these stuff appear in nautilus with a double arrow flag indicating that the file is under sync. the Caja manager looks petty good in MATE, and i would like to use it instead of nautilus. i even removed nautilus, and at a first glance everything was ok. but because of this lack of Caja i got back and reinstalled nautilus. its a stuff, but is a important one...


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Re: UbuntuOne & MATE/Caja

Postby kamran » Thu Jun 14, 2012 2:54 pm

I am seeing the same issue ubuntu one commands don't appear in the context menu of Caja. it is also true for dropbox, and you can see dropbox sync icons on the folders in nautilus but not in Caja.

---- update ----

I installed caja-dropbox to fix the dropbox issue


But Ubuntu one still doesn't work, I even uninstalled nautilus, but still can't see U1 in context menu.

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Re: UbuntuOne & MATE/Caja

Postby Frannoe » Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:27 pm

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