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USB wireless adapter

Post by havedampton » Wed Mar 07, 2007 4:06 am

Nice to meet all of you.

I am a brand new linux mint user and have been very happy so far, installing on my laptop with great success and hoping to move to linux on all of my machines.

I have a desktop that I bought a usb wireless adapter for on ebay. There is a driver and instructions for linux installation, but being a beginner at all of this and the fact that the instructions seem to have originally been written in some other language has got me stuck. I will post the instructions below with the hope that someone out there can make sense of them.

Thanks in advance.

The User Guide of ZD1211 USB Linux Driver
1. Introduction:

blah blah blah, anyway

FAST FORWARD DAYS LATER-I got it working, then left the room for a minute, came back, and it wasn't working any more. So I reinstalled the OS and repeated all the steps until I got it working again- for a while, then it stopped working again. Reboot and still doesn't work. I think I followed the directions to make it permanent...???
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Post by scorp123 » Wed Mar 07, 2007 6:48 am

Sorry, but I fail to see the problem :? I agree, it's not 100% "perfect" English but the instructions are not that cryptic IMHO. :?

Could you be more precise, e.g. point out the sections that you don't understand? Maybe it will help if we go into details specifically where you don't understand something instead of reinventing the wheel and the fire by translating those instructions again and again.

Another idea: Did you check Google? e.g. type in that model of card you bought and add "+Linux" to the search argument? e.g.: ... arch&meta=

If you follow the search above you'd run into pages such as this one:

ZD1211 Linux Driver Project ~ Homepage

ZD1211 Linux Installation Guide ... .1_Eng.pdf

wireless usb zd1211-Mandriva Linux Help-Linux Forums ... d1211.html
On this page the guy who opened the thread says: "Just an update in case anyone else has the same problem. I switched to Kubuntu, and the wireless works pretty much straight away."

So I would assume the same is true for Mint, as it is based on Ubuntu just as Kubuntu is?

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Post by kuvittelija » Mon Mar 12, 2007 8:06 pm

Hi, just installed the same USB wireless dongle two days ago. It is A-Link WL54USB. It came with small size cd with drivers for win/linux. First Linux Mint Bianca didn't recognize the wireless stick, after a reboot it found it Without me installing anything! It just started to work. I think it was good value for my Bianca desktop (only 20€ for the stick).

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