Peer-to-Peer connection through crossover cable

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Peer-to-Peer connection through crossover cable

Post by SteamPunk87 »

Hello team

I'm new to Linux . I installed Mint 15 Olivia a week ago and still exploring it , but I do need your help on the following matter .Now I need to transfer large amount of data between two peers (Windows laptop and Linux Mint laptop) and decided to link them with a crossover cable . I did some configurations , yet I'm not being able establish a valid connection . Here's what I've done so far :

1.Disabled Wireless addaptors on both machines
2.Hooked both machines up with the crossover cable
3.Assigned static IP addresses to both machines
4.Gave full Sharing permissions to everyone to a folder in both Windows and Linux laptops
5.I'm able to ping both addresses from each location successfully

But no success when attempting to establish the connection .

- Windows machine doesn't detect the Linux one within the network
- Linux Machine does detect the Windows one , but when double-clicking on its icon a pop-up appears saying : Unable to mount location : Failed to retrieve share list .

Can you please point out what I'm missing out here ? Or if you can provide me with a detailed guide on how to perform this procedure , it will be great .

Much appreciated
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Re: Peer-to-Peer connection through crossover cable

Post by argon99 »

I don't believe a crossover cable is going to work ( because the transmit and received has been switched, crossed over.). I would use a hub or switch. You can get a 5 port switch from newegg for $24 but you get a ten dollar rebate so it's total cost is only $14. Plug it in and it should run fine. Especially if you have a lot of data to move.
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