Synchronise updating on home network?

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Synchronise updating on home network?

Post by NiksaVel »

Hey all,

here's the question... is there a way to have updating linux on my home network work in such a way to have only one computer... let's call it a server pick up updates, and the rest of the home network pick up updates from that computer - to save up on bandwidth... having 5 minty linux comps in my home takes it's toll on my DSL monthly bills - I would like to save :)

since I believe all updates and new install debs go to /var/cache/apt/archive - could I somehow have my computers automatically check a certain predifened folder and synchronise their /var/cache/apt/archive with that certain network folder and if they still don't have the required updated than download and re-synchronise.... this way all the other computers would not have to DOWNLOAD the debs from the internet... maybe I'm wrong tho...
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Post by Boo »

you need to set up a mirror of your mint repos on a computer.
you can use wget and an ftp mirror site.
if you use a http mirror it downloads lots of extra rubbish files.
#cd /var/www/mirror
#wget --mirror -np -nH

the ubuntu mirror is about 128GB in size. you can reduce that by including and excluding file globs with wget.
eg: acept deb files and reject files ending in tgz

#wget --mirror -np -nH -A *.deb -R *.tgz

there are also commands like apt-mirror to specifically download mirrors.

once you have your own mirror point all your computers apt repos at it.
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