LM 17.3 rsync permission denied error on LAN

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LM 17.3 rsync permission denied error on LAN

Post by sadhu »

I have LM17.3 installed on my desktop and on my notebook, which are interconnected using a 'null modem' ethernet cable. I use the notebook when I'm on the road. When I return to the office I use rsync to synchronize my data partitions. But after I upgraded to 17.3 I am no longer able to interconnect the machines. I get a "permission denied" response from both when I run rsync.

I have installed ssh-server and client on both machines, and have executed "sudo ssh-keygen -f "/root/.ssh/known_hosts" -R notebook" on the desktop and "...-R desktop" on the notebook. On both machines /etc/hosts file contains

Code: Select all desktop notebook
On both machines I have left /etc/hosts.deny default, and on the desktop I added the following to /etc/hosts.allow:

Code: Select all

On the notebook I allow

Now I can connect to either machine using ssh, but rsync fails.

Because of the connection refused error I have to boot the notebook into LM17, then run rsync on the desktop: sudo rsync -av --delete notebook:/ddr/ /ddr (where /ddr/ is the data partition). I get the connection refused error when I attempt to run rsync on the notebook.

How do I correct this behaviour so that I can run rsync in 17.3 on either machine?


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Re: LM 17.3 rsync permission denied error on LAN

Post by cwsnyder »

First, what I know about SSH is minimal, at best. There is a tutorial on Digital Ocean on using rsync over ssh at https://www.digitalocean.com/community/ ... c-over-ssh
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