viewing Shared Files on Network

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viewing Shared Files on Network

Post by mordreds »

i am new to the linux environment and just experience this problem. There is an important document on my old windows laptop which i have to retrieve. when i connect it to my new linux laptop, i can see we are connected but how do i
1. See the other laptop on the connected network?
2. How do i open and copy the shared document of the other laptop on my new ?

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Re: viewing Shared Files on Network

Post by altair4 »

This sounds like a one-time thing so I would suggest Droopy:

On Mint:

** Install Droopy:

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sudo apt-get install droopy
** Find your ip address:

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** Open a terminal and run droopy:

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EDIT: If you want to change the default "upload to" folder you can specify that with the "-d" switch like this:

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droopy -d ~/Documents
On Windows

** Open up your Internet Browser and enter:

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Change to the ip address you found with nm-tool

Once done you will be able to specify which file you want to "upload" to the Mint box:
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