running wifi and eth0 at the same time

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running wifi and eth0 at the same time

Post by jcmahne » Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:25 pm

I have a Windows 7 PC (32 bit) P4 with 4G Ram.
It is connected via a hub to a Win 2000 machine (PIII).
It also has WIFI to an internet modem.
The win7 WIFI is also able to share files to another mint PC also connected the internet modem.
The win 2000 machine has legacy software that I use, and must not connect to the internet. I only use it as a server with shared files via a hub to the win7 PC.
I don't really want to connect it to the internet modem if possible, in order to avoid network hackers.
Everything works as it is now.

I wanted to replace win7 with Mint 18. So I installed a dual boot Mint on the win7 PC.
The internet connection via WIFI worked OK.
I could not connect to the shared file on eth0 to the win2000 PC. I tried everything.

I then removed mint and went back to Win7.
I would like to try again.
I need a new step by step approach from the networking experts.

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