No cable connection to WiFi router - some hints

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No cable connection to WiFi router - some hints

Post by dimic » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:16 pm

if you try to connect your Linux machine to a WLAN router via Ethernet cable without success, check these points:

1. Update the router firmware
often solves connectivity problems

2. Check the maximum number of connected devices
If you have many devices connected to the router, check the router documentation for the maximum number of connected devices.
If exceeded, delete old devices from the router's MAC address list.

3. Don't use the WiFi MAC address!
Normally, a PC/laptop has got 2 different MAC addresses: a) Ethernet interface b) WLAN adapter.
Ensure to use the correct address for the cabled connection (enter the Ethernet interface MAC address to the router's MAC address list),

4. Check if ethernet adapter is supported
Your buil-in oder USB-Ethernet-adapter might not be working with Linux or special driver software might be necessary.
Check which interface type you are using (lshw -C network / Hardinfo tool...).
Check the web for infos and software (see hardware database on

5. Replace the router hardware
If there are no firmware updates available any more, you might need to buy new hardware.

Good luck!

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