Need step by step how to connect with Windows at work

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Post by OU812 » Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:16 pm

If I can't find a solution in the forums, then I do a google search. For example, I needed to install an emulator so I did a google search

ubuntu vice


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Re: Need step by step how to connect with Windows at work

Post by scorp123 » Tue Sep 18, 2007 7:33 am

Beseder18 wrote: I have Windows 2002 (?) at my school.
Such an OS doesn't exist. You probably mean Windows 2003 Server?
Beseder18 wrote: I have the address of the school terminal web connection.
And that address is accessible from outside?
Beseder18 wrote: I just can't get anything to change yet when I press connect.
Can you please be more specific? What's supposed to happen? On what technology is that stuff based on? e.g. is this a Java applet ... or rather --what I fear-- some Microsoft Active/X sh**?

Because Active/X apps *NEED* Microsoft browsers: Active/X is a (totally insecure) closed-source proprietary technology and only works with their browsers.

If that 'connect' button is triggering a Windows application or some Active/X plugin then this will not work on any non-Microsoft browser and/or non-Microsoft OS. Welcome to a proprietary world.
Beseder18 wrote: I used to connect fine with my Windows XP
Did you install that Windows XP? Or was it installed by the school's IT admins? Did you need or use any special client program? e.g. Citrix MetaFrame Client?
Beseder18 wrote: I go to the url for the school terminal server, I get the connect button, but when I press enter, nothing happens. I never get to the next screen where I can put my username and password in.
Please be more precise. That "next screen" ... is that still supposed to be displayed *INSIDE* the web browser's window or is this a screen of a separate program?

As far as I can tell that "connect" button probably triggers an Active/X control inside MSIE (this stuff is proprietary doesn't work outside of MS operating systems and/or MS browsers) *OR* it triggers a specific terminal client program (e.g. Citrix?) ... and if that client program isn't present on Linux --and it most likely isn't .. and the command would be wrong anyway-- this stuff again won't work.
Beseder18 wrote: I couldn't tell you if I have a 64 bit machine or not.
Totally irrelevant as Mint in any case is only 32-bit in any case. So even if you were running it on a 64-bit machine, it would be running in 32-bit mode as Mint as of now doesn't support 64-bit modes ..... at least not "out of the box".
Beseder18 wrote: but the remote connection button still does nothing when I click it for the school server url (and I know the button works from previous success with Windows browser).
It would help if you could be as precise as possible and describe what is *SUPPOSED* to happen after you click the "connect" button. Do you have a manual or any instructions from your IT department? That would be helpful too. Or screenshots from Windows so we can see what it is supposed to look like when it works? That would help too.

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