I would like to create an ARM version of Linux Mint

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I would like to create an ARM version of Linux Mint

Postby BillFleming » Sat Jan 26, 2013 6:01 pm

As most of you should know there is an official version of Ubuntu for various ARM boards such as the Pandaboard, etc.
I am interested in purchasing the ARMBRIX development board which is the first complete Cortex-A15 dev board for under $150. (http://www.armbrix.com/)
I would like to create some kind of Linux mint installer package targeting this board that you can just download and slap onto an SD card. It would also hopefully work on the Pandaboard and other ARM boards out there.
I assume if there are instructions out there for creating the Ubuntu version (and for creating the Linux Mint desktop installers), you could follow those but pull in Linux Mint packages instead of the Ubuntu/Unity ones.

Is anybody working on this or know where to start? Every since Unity and the spyware that they ship on Ubuntu nowadays I would want to completely avoid having to use Ubuntu on any ARM platform that I buy.

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Re: I would like to create an ARM version of Linux Mint

Postby cwsnyder » Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:36 pm

@BillFleming: I sympathize with your wish to run an ARM version of Linux Mint, but to convert processor architectures as you would be doing in going from Intel x86 processors to ARM Cortex processors, you will have to learn to compile from source code, have a compatible compiler (probably C language), and either cross-compile to the target processor from a host computer or compile on the target from the source. You will also need either binary drivers for Linux or the source for the drivers for Linux for the peripherals (video, audio, mouse, keyboard, I/O, etc.), which will need to be linked in to your code. You may be able to get Linux drivers from the Android drivers for the ARM board, but then you may require rewriting the API to link properly with standard Linux. This is a non-trivial job, and instructions and documentation are not likely to be very extensive, nor written for the non-programmer/developer.

Good luck.
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Re: I would like to create an ARM version of Linux Mint

Postby MtnDewManiac » Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:49 am

Is this process something like what the two guys did to create Raspbian from Debian? If so, I read an article a while back about that and it seemed like a LOT of work along with some expense involved in building a hardware setup for the purpose.

Your goal is admirable - your fortitude, time, and knowledge would have to be quite high, I would think.

Good luck,

EDIT: And you might find your task more difficult than theirs was, because I believe I read that Debian already had an ARM port (just not one that would work on the particular class of CPU that they were dealing with on the Raspberry Pi).
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Re: I would like to create an ARM version of Linux Mint

Postby Hmfan » Thu May 09, 2013 1:00 am

First of all it's been a while since I've visited these forums, second onto the topic at hand.

My suggestion for this sort of topic as likely has been stated already is don't start from scratch. Start with Debian ARM edition as that will be the best starting point. Second consider the hardware availability. Most people that are going to want to use your version would want to run on a Raspberry Pi (me included). Which is obviously not going to fly to well if you based your distro on the cortex a15.(though android does pretty well on various hardware so who knows) What I suggest is starting with a Raspberry Pi since they are so cheap and set up your own spin with that and then when it is to your liking there, package it, and put it to the better hardware. That way you know right away that anybody that is a cheapskate and goes Raspberry Pi will be happy with your setup. Now obviously the A15 will handle things faster than the Raspberrry Pi's processor, but think of it this way. Get it fast on Raspi, it will be faster on your better hardware.

I suggest using LXDE for this sort of thing due to the lightweight nature of the desktop environment. Along with LXDE's base packages and applications, you throw in your own little minty flair and specially compiled minty programming, and you should be pretty well set. Good luck to you my friend. I look forward to seeing what you make.
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Re: I would like to create an ARM version of Linux Mint

Postby senteix2 » Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:58 pm

Hi, like some of you have pointed, get a full distribution of linux arm can be very hard work and even work with previous work like arm debian can have many problems ( drivers for each device etc etc) but the last year an alternative to this approach has appear, this approach is runing linux alogside android ( without chroot jail) , so linux can use resources of android and many others advantages. ( chroot alternative is similar but doesn't allow access android resources ), currently there are a way to install debian squeeze (devian kit of sven ola ) and debian weezy (devian kit of doviak ), so if anyone is interested theses link can give you more details http://www.doviak.net/debian-kit/ http://sven-ola.dyndns.org/repo/debian-kit-en.html
there are debian , and ubuntu version , so i guess you can work on a linux mint version

(Sorry for my poor English )

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