Mint Minimal ISO (Yes like Ubuntu)

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Re: Mint Minimal ISO (Yes like Ubuntu)

Post by Petermint »

Hello MrEen,
Just joking about the option to include a kernel.

What would be relevant for some installations is the option to select an older kernel that works with older hardware or a kernel that avoids an error in a new kernel.

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Re: Mint Minimal ISO (Yes like Ubuntu)

Post by Valsodar »

xenopeek wrote:
Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:33 pm
You can remove programs you don't need or want, after installing Linux Mint.
You can but I wouldn't recommend it. I've already tried that and removing too much (about 10 programs I never use) mandatorily breaks the system - Synaptic keeps crying about broken packages and if you reboot, there's no telling whether the system will start. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. The only way to avoid breaking that I have found so far is to fully update all category 1 and 2 after fresh installation and then remove programs. IDK what that's so, but it is - an unupdated system breaks easily by removing unnecessary programs. That's why I too was searching for Mint minimal ISO which led me to this topic.
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Re: Mint Minimal ISO (Yes like Ubuntu)

Post by mingle »

I'd love a minimal install, but for the moment I have to manual remove stuff.

I have a requirement for a very trimmed-down install for some VMs I use, so get rid of pretty much all the pre-installed apps. It takes me a good hour, which is a bloody long time imo...

I run Mint xfce and after an install (no 3rd party add-ons), I use synaptic to remove all the apps found under the whisker menu, with the exception of many of the accessories (calculator, catfish search, etc).

I also get rid of jre, the printing sub-system, all image and PDF-viewing/decoding/processing options, foreign-language libraries, dictionaries and help-files and probably a bunch of other stuff I've forgot to mention.

I've never had any issues with update manager/synaptic complaining about missing/broken dependencies.

When I first started doing this type of system 'cleanup', I'd do a reboot and an update-manager refresh after the removal of any major software component and never hit any snags.



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