Lets Speculate on 8

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Lets Speculate on 8

Post by distro hopper » Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:34 pm

I've tried a couple of the Karmic Alpha releases so far and I'm curious as to how some changes in Ubuntu will reflect on later Mint releases.

1.) The new GDM login.. It's so new that there's not even a GUI to customize it. Will we be stuck with the ugly new GDM and no way to change the appearance?

2.) The Ubuntu 'Software Store'.. This actually won't be a big deal until Ubuntu 10.04 when they get rid of Synaptic and a few other installers/related utilities... Will this cut off their repositories for other distributions or is this just a new style of front-end for package management?

3.) Ext. 4... now that it's default on Ubuntu.. I'm guessing it's stable enough to use (?)... Will Mint be following suit?

4.) GRUB 2.. same question as #3, will Mint be following suit?

With the last install of Karmic (alpha-5), I noticed another huge difference with Ubuntu.. While the files were copying/installing, you get the same kind of messages you get when you install Windows.. like the: "You can be more productive with Ubuntu.." and lists all the stuff you can do with Ubuntu. Will Mint ever go down that road? (aka imitate M$ in an attempt to compete with Windows).


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Re: Lets Speculate on 8

Post by optimize me » Sat Sep 19, 2009 1:39 pm

Probably. If you can think of any possible way for Ubuntu to be made less useful and more retarded, chances are it's on their drawing board.
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Re: Lets Speculate on 8

Post by emorrp1 » Sat Sep 19, 2009 3:21 pm

Generally speaking, Mint will use Ubuntu's base unless there's a good reason not to:

1) sure, it comes with gnome 2.28, it's not as if most people actually customise their login screen anyway, beyond activating themes etc.
2) it's just another gui frontend, I suspect we'll not even include it since mintInstall Software Manager does what it does, but better (at least for karmic)
3) yeah, why not? I've actually been using ext4 on Gloria, and not come across any problems
4) yes, there's even a blueprint accepted for creating a grub2-compatible theme, and many forum helpers have been reading up on it
5) we may or may not have a slideshow, but just because M$ uses a similar thing does not mean they invented, nor that it's a bad thing, other distros e.g. openSuse have also had an installation slideshow.
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Re: Lets Speculate on 8

Post by dequire » Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:47 pm

The slideshow is an excellent idea. For Mint, however, I would think the message(s) would be somewhat different from Ubuntu.
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