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Upgrading to Mint 9 has been a fight all the way...

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:17 pm
by raywoods
I've had enough of Mint 9 and am going back to Mint 8. You expect a few hiccups when you go to a new OS, even if it is only a new installation up from the previous edition but, for me, the upgrade from Mint 8 to 9 is an upgrade too far. No doubt most of the woes can be levelled upstream, but I've been banging my head against a brick wall ever since it came out and there is nothing much left! (Of the wall or my head :D ) Thank you, by the way, to those on the forum who have supplied ideas, help and encouragement in spades; I might have knocked down my brick wall even more quickly without their help!!

Upgrading to Mint 9 has been a fight all the way and I'm hanging out my white flag.

First of all I had trouble with my Wireless Router as Mint 9 wouldn't let me listen to Play it again from the BBC Radio. Yes it was just a setting in the router that needed to be changed (a D-Link by the way), but why; it worked before okay in Mint 8?

Then came getting Audacity to work and it wasn't just Pulse Audio this time either! I ended up having to install the next Linux Kernel, from 2.6.32-21 to 2.6.32-22 as it appeared Pulse Audio was having a fit with the earlier version. One could ask why Mint 9 (and presumably Ubuntu 10.04) shipped with a severely flawed kernel? (Mint 8 works like a dream after all.)

I finally got Audacity working, after the upgraded kernel was installed, (a level 5 upgrade and dangerous stuff), but then I noticed some bad hums and buzzes in the sonic background. They weren't there in Mint 8 so why are the there in Mint 9? There has been no change to my set up wiring to cause hum loops and the like. Even the controls had changed in Audacity; gone was the simple input selection drop down menu; you now have to install and open the Gnome ASLA Mixer to make these changes, which is just as well as the Record Level control slider is greyed out and un-functional as well. Why I ask, surely it is easier to have just one window open to undertake a task, like in Mint 8, instead of two or more windows flapping about?

Yes, Mint 9 boots up nice and quickly, looks pretty and has some interesting new features but, if it gets in the way of you using your computer there's no point to it really. I was hoping for a few years of stability, however, it looks like I'm going to have to wait for Mint 10 now, (and hope these problems have been ironed out by then). Sorry Clem and the Team, I'm not just a happy bunny at the moment. :(

Re: Upgrading to Mint 9 has been a fight all the way...[SOLV

Posted: Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:36 am
by raywoods
Please note. I'm now able to use Mint 9 as Audacity is now working (for me) okay. I was trying the LXDE version of Mint 9 in VertualBox and Audacity worked so, I then downloaded a new version of Gnome Mint 9, installed it into VertualBox and ran the updates and proved Mint 9 Gnome to be okay with Audacity.

I have now installed Mint 9 64 bit onto my desktop and 32 bit to my Sony laptop and everything is working. Well done the lads who have worked on this problem. And, it only goes to show that, if at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. :D