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Re: Supporting Linux Mint

Postby FedoraRefugee » Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:08 am

revdjenk wrote:and, of course, have compiz configured, at least with these:
edge (to show all desktops, and how one can move apps freely from one to another)
scale (enabled to show all open apps on all desktops, and click to choose)
wobbly windows
and your choice of deformation, but I prefer cube, with animated skydome

God Bless

(you know...I might try this at my local Walmart!) With a projector, or attached to a large, screen TV/monitor would be easier for a larger crowd.)

I think the three switchers are the most useful. I re-keyed mine for ctrl-shift, super-shift, and alt-shift. It is neat to get 6 or 7 windows opened, maximize them all, then alternate between these three switchers to go from one window to another. Lots of eye-candy and wow factor. Then, of course you can also throw in the rotating cube to further workspace.

In my experience of having clients and vendors come into my home office it is this that ALWAYS gets their attention! Once I start hitting switchers and rotating cubes they are all blown away. They are like, "Woah, what is THAT? How did you do that? Do you have to buy that program or can I get it free? What do you mean it is not for Windows? That is what? Linux? What's that?..." Never fails. :D

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