A box cover for thin DVD holder, now with preview

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A box cover for thin DVD holder, now with preview

Postby leopoldbirkholm » Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:00 pm

:) Hello,

I have put together a box cover for a thin DVD holder. Those with only 0,5 cm back. I put it together on my XP-machine and therefore it is in .doc and .pdf. I do not know how to use any graphical program to create .png format or .jpg format :oops: . Gimp and such is a mystery for me. I hope it will be useful.

It is most in black and white because I love mono lasers. I want to optimize it for that type of printers.

For making your own for thin DVD holder, the format is 13 X 18, 0,5 X 18 and 13 X 18, all in centimeters. It is width times hight.

Kind regards
Leopold B.

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Edit: Forgot something :D.
Edit: Now with a preview of the cover. Not a perfect preview, but you get the general idea.
Yes, I will write something insightfull here :D

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