[Iptables] Make rules stay after reboot

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[Iptables] Make rules stay after reboot

Post by FrankBarmentlo »

Hello all,

I run a few linux systems:
4 Ubuntu servers
1 Laptop on Linux Mint 17

I configure Iptables using fwbuilder, which is a great tool.
On my ubuntu servers I have no issues, but my linux mint laptop I do:
The rules I added are gone after a reboot.

Some of you might say it's a fwbuilder's issue, but it's not:
I just tried to add rules through webmin and directly from the command line.. same problem.

I suspect it being Network Manager, but I don't know if removing it is a good option :wink:
Anyone know how to resolve this?

Kind regards,

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Re: [Iptables] Make rules stay after reboot

Post by txba516 »

Hi Frank,

By default, iptables does not maintain rulesets between reboots. However, you can save the ruleset to a file and have it load at startup using the iptables-persistent package.
See here... http://ask.systutorials.com/1379/how-to ... -mint-17-1

LM17.2 x64 Cinnamon
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