Network settings - Manaul DNS server entries

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Network settings - Manaul DNS server entries

Post by ro55mo »


I have set my raspberry pi up as a bind9 caching and forwarding server using this ... untu-14-04 post.

My question is, in network settings where you can manually add DNS servers which order are they used in?

I have this set to manual on my Mint PC and left in just the address of my pi. I can browse the internet no problem. dig -x queries show lookup times going down from a few hundred ms to 1 or 2 ms after the first attempt.

But as I have only one pi I want to have some other DNS servers in the list as well. Naturally I want the pi queried first.

Does this happen if it is top of the list?



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Re: Network settings - Manaul DNS server entries

Post by txba516 »

Hi ro55mo,

The DNS list always queries from the top down. The only reason a query would reach out to the second or third DNS servers in the list would be due to a timeout attempting to reach the first server (or the second server, etc). This is a network connectivity timeout...not a query resolution failure (unknown host msg).
So, if you put the pi at the top of the list, it will always get queried first.

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