no screen refresh with remote desktop (on MintBox Mini)

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no screen refresh with remote desktop (on MintBox Mini)

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I've got one strange problem when trying to remotely control a MintBox Mini: I cannot control it via a remote connection, because the screen does not refresh, the correct screen shot I get initially is never updated...! I see the correct display content when I connect, I even see the mouse move (when someone moves it on MintBox Mini), but I don't ever get a new screen shot... I can control the MintBox Mini very well (move the mouse, click and type) but as I don't get visual feedback, that's kinda useless... :wink:

I tried controlling the remote MintBox Mini with three different computers (all involved computers are running LM 17.3, Cinnamon or Mate), I've tried with LM's inbuilt desktop sharing in connection with Remmina (as controlling remote client), and even with TeamViewer - but it is the very same result there, too...

Connection works easy, everything looks perfect, just screen image stays the same...

Only thing I found online was to enable "disable_xdamage" via dconf_editor - what I did on the MintBox Mini, but that didn't change anything...

Thank you very much for more ideas and tips! Best,

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