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Blueberry bluetooth issues in Linux Mint 18

Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 6:43 am
by xonxor
I've already seen a similar post here in the forums marked as solved, however no matter what, I cannot get mine working properly. I have a fresh install of Linux Mint 18 (64bit Cinnamon) on an ASUS K56CB laptop which has an inbuilt bluetooth module. I would like to make clear that with prior versions of Linux mint, specifically version 17, I had absolutely no problems with setting up and pairing bluetooth devices. However since the fresh install of Linux Mint 18 I have not been able to 'successfully' setup and pair my TNB bluetooth headphones, with the new 'Blueberry' manager.

The first time I opened Blueberry it seemed that it had discovered my headphones, but it was saying "Not Set Up". So I tried clicking on it and nothing seemed to be happening. I was looking for some kind of configuration menu but couldn't find one. After several times of disabling and enabling Blueberry and also doing a package re-installation, the "Not Set Up" bit had changed to "Disconnected". So, I clicked on it and this time a dialogue for the bluetooth device had come up. However clicking on the connection slider did absolutely nothing once again.

I then went on to remove the bluetooth device from Blueberry with the hopes of re-pairing, and although it was saying "searching for devices", no bluetooth devices were showing up even though I had made sure the headphones were switched on. A this point I was getting really frustrated, so I purged the blueberry package and installed 'Blueman' to see whether the problem would persist. Although for some reason the connection didn't last, I did manage to get it working. Having said this, I really want to get Blueberry to work properly.

Also, something I noticed during all this is that sometimes when I open the blueberry bluetooth manager window it says that my laptop is visible as "Bastien's computer" instead of the actual computer name which I had setup. However this is very sporadic, and some times it does get the name right.

P.S: I do get why they are trying to simplify things in Linux Mint, but I think that oversimplification is the same thing as having an overcomplicated system.

Re: Blueberry bluetooth issues in Linux Mint 18

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:42 am
by chemmutk1
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