NFS share doesn't work in Mint 18 [Solved?]

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Re: NFS share doesn't work in Mint 18 [Solved?]

Post by ralfz » Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:54 am

Hi & good morning,

yesterday i found some time to continue the work on this case.

i installed a spare SSD and did a clean install of V18.2 to play
with autofs. After installation and config (auto.master etc.)
i discovered a lot of dkms error messages during shutdown.
And of course mounts via fstab did not work - as expected.
Mounts via automounter worked. So far the basic problem seem
to be solved. But the slow start and the VERY slow shutdown was
really annoying. I stopped working and looked for a bottle of beer
or red wine to push my brain a little bit :-))
Main question: What was THE difference between my working V18.2
systems with different kernel versions (4.4/4.8/4.10) and the
new system ? WiFi cards? No, no RTL/Broadcomm only Intel.
The idea comes during dinner.........
I copied some USB installation sticks with V18.0 and V18.1 a
longer time ago. After install i did the upgrade to the next Mint
version via "mintupdate". For the new installation i copied a new
stick with V18.2 on it to install 18.2 directly. This was the

So i took an older copy (V18.1) and did a clean install again.
useradd, fstab extension, mkdir mount points, etc and so on.
apply all latest V18.1 patches, install some stuff (nfs-common,
openssh-server) and after that --- reboot.

And .... all NFS mounts popping up on the desktop ! df -h shows the
usual picture.

So from my current point of view and for my setup the main problem
is the way (order) to install. 18.2 directly brings the problems
described in this thread.
Installing 18.1 and doing an upgrade to 18.2 afterwards works perfectly.
As mentioned i am using standart Lenovo Hardware and i am
looking to have only intel controllers built in (ethernet,
WiFi, Graphics chipset).

Hope this helps a little bit and kind regards,

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