Can't create new VPN connection using client.ovpn

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Can't create new VPN connection using client.ovpn

Post by BigAngry »

Hello all,
I'm totally new to linux and this is my second day using Mint 18, so do let me know if I'm missing some key details.

I am trying to create a new connection for ovpn using the network manager. Ive installed the network manager and network manager gnome. If I do openvpn --config client.ovpn and enter u/p it connects fine and everything works great. However I dont want to do this every single time, so I was trying to create a permanent connection using the network settings add new connection option to import the ovpn file. Whenever I try that I get the following error.
The file 'client.ovpn' could not be read or does not contain recognized VPN connection information

Error: configuration error: invalid 1th argument to 'reneg-sec' where number expected (line 60).
I did a search online and on this forum but cant find any info on whats going on, and I dont know

Here is what I see on line 60
reneg-sec 604800
Removing this line makes it work, but I think its necessary as users had issues with the connection timing out every hour. I would prefer to not have to deal with that as it would be a huge pain if thats the case.

Edit: Figured out the solution right after hitting submit. I found a reneg option in advanced properties.

Whenever I save a password in the connection window, log says it saved fine, but when I open the connection back up the password field is blank.
For some reason my gnome password is an older login password, and reinstalling gnome keychain doesnt help. Are those field supposed to stay blank? Or do I have some issue with the keychain? Very confused now.

Update: Keychain fixed itself after a few days. Not sure why, but it doesnt seem to have been the problem. After a lot of searching online it appears that there is something wrong with using my particular vpn via connection manager. Furthermore I was made aware of some potential security flaws when connecting via the manager, so I opted abandon that path and to use a script at boot to launch the vpn. The only problem now is that I had to make a credentials file in plaintext. If anyone has a suggestion for how to not do that I would be grateful.

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