Isp throttling a VPN connection??

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Isp throttling a VPN connection??

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This is a modem/router question. I will go ahead and ask forgiveness in advance. All of my Linux-modem settings are working fine, but you guys are genuises so I am posting what may be a non linux question.

I have 200mps fiber to the house, 3bbs crappy modem set to bridge mode, and use my Asus 52c so I can utilize the ddrwt software to connect the router to my vpn.

When I turn off the vpn I get around 200mps with my wired connection and around 150-165 with wifi. So far, so good.

I live in Thailand. When I connect my vpn to LA I drop to 4-6 mps. I assumed the distance was the issue but the speed still worked for me. Yesterday, it didn't. I connected to Perth....same speed. Hmmmm, I thought. I connected to the Thailand server.....same speed.

This leads me to believe either my isp is throttling my VPN connection or I have a router setting that is limiting my bandwith when connected. I have the qos setting turned of. I tried both off and on, with 200 as my up and down speed, and did not notice a difference in speed.

My vpn has a chameleon setting on their mobile app that disguises the traffic and I do not see a huge speed drop. However, the software on my modem does not support that and I have to use the open vpn configuration.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, JC
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