need a little help here, internet connection sharing problem

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need a little help here, internet connection sharing problem

Post by armintos » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:44 pm

Linux mint cinnamon 18.2 32 bit

I connect to internet using wifi, and will share the internet using ethernet.
and I have done:
click> network connection > wired connection 1> edit> ipv4 setting >automatic dhcp > change to> shared to other computer>
click> save.
and ...has not worked???
even though my ip has changed to
my access point its ok, no problem ( I have test using other os )

so what to do??

And ihave tried terminal:
user@workgroup ~ $ nm-connection-editor
Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.
** Message: Cannot save connection due to error: Editor initializing...
** Message: Connection validates and can be saved
user@workgroup ~ $

so what to do??

need a little help here, thanks. :roll:

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Re: need a little help here, internet connection sharing problem

Post by sbroccolo » Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:38 pm

On the surface it looks like you did the right stuff.
But rather than change the existing Wired Connection, I added a new one.

Click on your network icon and choose "Network Connections".
Select Ethernet then the "Add" button
Leave Ethernet in the drop-down box and click "create"
I gave it the name "Shared Ethernet connection"
Go to the IPv4 tab and in "Method", choose "Shared to other computers"
Click "Save"
Close the Network Connections window.
You may need to open the network icon and click on "Shared Ethernet connection" to activate it.

I plugged one end of a regular Ethernet cable into my laptop, the other into my desktop.
I booted up Mint 18.2, Mint 18.3 Beta, Ubuntu 17.10, and Windows 7. They all connected automatically.
Worked great.

I continued to play around testing, making changes, different cables, etc.. and I broke it.
The laptop continued to act like it was connected to the desktop, as well as it's WiFi connection worked fine.
The desktop was stuck "connecting".
Deleting and re-creating the connections on both the laptop and desktop didn't work.
Rebooting into the different OSes didn't work.
The Laptop was still thinking it was connected, but only when the desktop was booted up, so that appeared to be acting normally.

I tried connecting directly to my router.
The Laptop switched to the Ethernet connection and worked fine.
Nothing from the desktop. I powered down and unplugged the desktop, waited 5 minutes.
Powered it backup. It worked fine to the router again, so I plugged into the Laptop and it worked fine there again as well. Also, the Laptop switched automatically to the shared connection as soon as I plugged into the desktop.

The bottom line, the Ethernet adapter on the desktop was confused and it took a "Cold" shutdown to clear it out.
Doing the same to my laptop was my next step, but wasn't necessary.
Doing a "Cold" shutdown on a Laptop requires unplugging and removing the battery for 5 minutes.

BTW, I have a USB WiFi adapter in my desktop that I use normally, but left it disconnected during this testing.
I have to run a cable down the hallway to connect it to the router, and tethering it to a Laptop just for WiFi is a terrible waste of electricity, IMHO. Although for occasional use, I certainly see the value. But for daily use, I prefer using an inexpensive WiFi adapter that connects at higher speeds than the laptop internal does anyways.

TP-Link used to be the best Linux friendly Adapter brand but they have recently changed chip-sets and you will have to manually add the drivers for many of them. Panda brand works straight out of the box, at least the 2 I've tried. The Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter for $14, or the Panda N600 Dual Band (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz) 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter for $20.

Hopefully this will give some insight and things to try.

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