IPv6 not working even though addresses provided

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IPv6 not working even though addresses provided

Post by seblin » Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:21 am


This might be a n00b question, I don't know. I have zero experience with IPv6 since I've only recently received an address through my mobile provider...

The IPv6 setup in my phone works. There I see addresses and get 10/10 from www.test-ipv6.com. I can surf IPv6 sites no problem.
Tethering connection to my Mint laptop at least seems fine, I get some inet6 addresses if I check ifconfig.
In Network Manager IPv6 is set to automatic.

Problem is none of the IPv6 tests are successful but the one with ISPs DNS address.

To complicate further, I made it work once by setting disable_ipv6 setting to 1 in /proc and then to 0 again. However this was one time, I have never managed to reproduce this result.
The total result is that sites (for example local Linux Mint repositories) that defaults to IPv6 won't work with my setup. I could of course disable IPv6 but I think that is only a way to postpone problems... :)

Any Network gurus out there with an answer? Please let me know which command outputs you would need to solve my issue!

Best Regards

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