Open VPN, DNSCRYPT, DNS issues

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Open VPN, DNSCRYPT, DNS issues

Post by NickyM » Sun Jun 17, 2018 4:06 am

I am using OpenVPN client and AirVPN service, but when I am connecting to the AirVPN service, I have no DNS resolution in any web browser.
My wireless card in configured in DHCP but the DNS servers are on because I am using DNSCRYPT.
All packages are those from the official Linux Mint repositories and I have no "fancy" PPA installed.
Without the VPN connected, I have no issues, DNSCRYPT is working well (result shown with the command "dig txt")
The VPN connection is setup with default settings (DHCP) from the provider and I can connect to theirs servers.
Even when disabling the DNSCRYPT I still have the same issue with the VPN.
Does anyone has a good idea to solve this issue?
Thanks a lot.
Happily using Linux Mint Cinnamon on a Dell XPS 15 and on several MacBook Pro.

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