Error Messages While Downloading Torrents To A Networked Drive ..

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Error Messages While Downloading Torrents To A Networked Drive ..

Post by Spud1200 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:52 am


I'm trying to download my torrents to a networked LM 18.3 Drive. I have Samba installed on both Systems and I have the UFW Disabled on both systems. I have allowed Guest access along with; "Allow others to create and delete Files in this folder" and above I have selected the option to "Share this Folder."

I am able to create and share Files across the network but the actual bit torrent client is not allowing me to save files as its erroring out with an I\O Error Message ..

The error message is saying the the actual file I'm trying to download does not exist.

Under my Client I have selected the Network Drive and with in the Network Drive I have selected the actual downloads folder with in Mint 18.3 .

I have not upgraded to mint 19 because this ver: is stable and I'm familiar with the interface.


The above link was the guide I followed and its working fine I just don’t seem to be able to save files across the network from a direct download.

If you can help I'd really appropriate it because I'm wanting to get this up and running. I currently have several machines what are used to store files across my SOHO and I have no idea what to do abut this.

Thanks in advance.

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