Connect Linux permanently to a server baced Windows share

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Connect Linux permanently to a server baced Windows share

Post by MT Max » Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:11 am

I am at an internship for a new job and totaly new to Linux. Currently I am struggeling to connetct the companys server share for Windows with the Linux Mint 19 Testmashine.

I did the GUI thing. It worked just fine but after a restart the share was gone. After that I found the Boockmarksoluton but that is not to my bosses taste.
So I've been tasked to find a terminal solution and make it permanent! Since terminal the the only true way to do it with linux and GUI is for noobs...

So far I tryed multiple solutions like this: ... einbinden/ ... einbinden/

I know it's in german but does it look like they missed a step? One that every Linux User might forget because its so naturally to do it?

Does having a username username=somethin/username cause a problem here? I also tryed to do it like that username=username,domain=something but maybe thats making things worese.

Can someone please help me? A commented step by step tutorial is the most welcome help!Since understanding how it works might help in the future.

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