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Switching between Ethernet and Wireless

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:18 am
by happyamos
Something has changed in one of the last few updates. I used to be able to shut off my wifi, and plug my ethernet cable into my laptop and it would automagically switch to my ethernet connection. For some reason, it doesn't any more, and if I want to switch to ethernet, I have to plug the cable in, turn off wifi and reboot the computer. Is there an easier way to do this that doesn't involve rebooting the computer when I just want to switch connections?

This has happened to me on Mint Cinnamon and Mint XFCE (18.3 and 19), but all my systems are now on Mint XFCE 19.

Thank you in advance for any tips!

Re: Switching between Ethernet and Wireless

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:53 am
by kyphi
In Cinnamon, you can switch between ethernet (if connected via a cable) and wifi with a left click on the Nerwork Manager icon on the panel. The choices present in the popup menu.
Tried with my laptop connected via ethernet cable.

Re: Switching between Ethernet and Wireless

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:34 am
by BG405
Hi, could you post the output of lspci -k | grep Ethernet -A2 & inxi -Fxz please?

Have you tried sudo systemctl restart network-manager.service as this might restore connectivity without rebooting. I'll add further info when I know the Ethernet card details.