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Problems with VPNC on Mint 18.3

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 4:10 pm
by jgcasanova
Good afternoon everyone,

After about 5 years using Linux, this is my first question in a Forum, because I usually try to resolve any inconvenience by looking for information on the net.

I installed the Linux Mint 18.3 and almost everything works fine, EXCEPT the correctly functioning of VPN.

I installed VPNC for connect to a CISCO network in the company where I work, the VPN CONECTION WORK my company and I can verify it, because I can connect to one of the applications (not WEB) of the company, but everything that has to do with WEB SYSTEMS fails by throwing the browser the following ERROR:


** IMPORTANT NOTE: It is a problem of the distribution, since I installed Manjaro 17 in a Virtual machine and the VPN worked perfectly. **

I wish they could help me not to have to uninstall Linux Mint since I need to work constantly with the VPN.

Thanks in advance