[SOLVED] Cannot see other computers despite the NT1 setting

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[SOLVED] Cannot see other computers despite the NT1 setting

Post by RobertX » Thu Sep 06, 2018 5:25 pm

Hope you are all well.

On the problematic computer, I have Linux Mint 19 Tara MATE 32-Bit, and just today, it can't see the other Windows 7 computers, nor can the Windows 7 computers see it. There are three computers, by the way, and there are the two Windows 7 computers and one Linux Mint 19 computer.

The message on the end of the Linux Mint 19 computer is "Error: Failed to retrieve share list from server."

When I try to enter the IP addresses of the two other computers on the hosts file, it doesn't work, but I can use the Internet and I can ping at least one of the computers, so I know it's not the cable problem.

Also, I did try to access the router using all other computers, and it went fine, so I doubt that it's the router problem, but I'll try again.

Furthermore, the two Windows 7 computers can access each other.

Is there anything that I missed? Should I re-install Linux Mint? That's the only problem I have.

EDIT: Actually, the problem went away by itself... fishy...

OK, disregard this post; I think I can go on with life now. Thanks for your attention and all the best in life!

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