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VPNs and IPv6

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:18 am
by Captain Brillo
This may be old news to everyone, but since I just figured it out, I thought I'd share.
I've been using NordVPN, which does not use IPv6, and they give you a way to disable it from the CLI, except it didn't work, and nobody there could tell me why an IPv6 address kept coming up in "".

I even had the router configured with "safe" IPv6 DNS servers, but a different address kept coming up on the test.

Then I took another look at my plain ethernet connection and found an IPv6 address configured there - but I thought I'd disabled that. Turns out there's a simple "OFF" switch in the "Wired" config. That worked and I now seem to be finally (totally?) anonymous.

Been driving me crazy. Hope this helps someone else.