Websites behaving weirdly since switching to satellite Internet

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Websites behaving weirdly since switching to satellite Internet

Post by Anarki » Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:44 pm


I have been having various Internet problems since our household switched from a regular Internet connection to a satellite one yesterday. I am 90% sure these changes are the result of this switch, but it could also be from a faulty update - or one I shouldn't have done -. There were a couple of updates that appeared yesterday in my manager and I accepted them.

The provider has not changed (Bell, Canada). The router is new, but it's the same model, Sagemcom Model Fast 5250 Home Hub 2000.

Here are the issues I've encountered so far:

- Cannot login to my email provider (ProtonMail). They advise to empty cache, which I have done - no apparent change.
- Cannot login to my Google account / cannot complete Google captchas / cannot edit parts of Google Spreadsheet documents.
- Cannot login to my Upwork account (a freelancer website. for those who know it) / cannot use their desktop application to track hours spent working (says 'Connection lost')
- Cannot use this Term search feature on (the rest of the website works, and I can log in): Any query gives me an error message.

The common theme seems to be that there is no connection (there is, and the speed is fast, about 25 MBs down. We actually switched for better speed).

Using an Ethernet cable to the router, there are no changes.
Using my husband's iPhone for connection, these remain broken except for the email provider.
There are no problems on my husband's Windows 10 laptop, or on my iPhone, so the websites are obviously not down.

I have tried 3 browsers: Firefox, Vivaldi and GNU Icecat. No changes.

Any idea what could be wrong? I would really appreciate any tips.
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